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Composing the music for "Highlander-The Series" has been a rewarding experience, allowing me to sonically explore the emotional life of Duncan and the people around him. It has also given me the opportunity to pose my own musings about mortality and place them in a musical context. After all, who hasn't wondered what it would be like to live forever? We have all dreamed of the freedom that an eternity of time might afford us, at the same time questioning whether immortality would be a blessing or a curse.

Because of the emotional depth inherent in "Highlander-The Series" it is, by far, the most satisfying work I have done as a composer, and, I believe, my best. Over the years, fans worldwide have contacted me, inquiring as to whether there might be a soundtrack available. Many people have evidently long felt that the music is an invaluable part of the show's attraction, and far be it from me to take issue.

And so, finally, I have released a CD and Cassette of some of the choicest cuts gleaned from the first three years of "Highlander-The Series". Each piece was lifted from the original masters, digitally enhanced and re-mastered in order to optimize the listening experience. Because of the audio limitations inherent in television broadcasting, these recording actually sound superior to their original debut.

So far, the response to this compilation has been gratifying, to say the least. I look forward to producing future recordings of the music from "Highlander-The Series".

Roger Bellon, Composer
"Highlander- The Series"


Bellchant Records Company Profile

Bellchant Records was founded by composer Roger Bellon in 1995. A division of Bellchant Music, Inc. his worldwide publishing company,its function is the manufacture and distribution of popular film and television soundtracks written and performed by Roger.

Bellchant Records' flagship release, "Music From Highlander-The Series", is already enjoying brisk sales, owing, in large part, to the devoted Highlander fans throughout the world.

Harlan Collins designed the CD art, utilizing various photographs from around the world and melding them together on a Power Macintosh in Adobe Photoshop. He also supervised the manufacture of the CDs and cassettes and directs the marketing for Bellchant Records.

The soundtrack "Music From Highlander-The Series" was, of course, composed and performed by Roger, along with the inspired help of a few premier L.A. musicians. Roger and Harlan together picked the selections - gleaned from almost seventy hours of tape from the first three seasons - and sequenced the album.

"The response has been really great," says Bellon. "People have been sending in orders by E-mail and regular mail, and we ship the CDs and cassettes out as fast as those orders come in. I'm particularly gratified by all the 'thank you' letters and testimonials we have recieved regarding the soundtrack. If sales continue at this rate, there will definitely be a second CD of music from the series."

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